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Title: UnknownBeggin For Thread
Artist: UnknownBanks
Album: Unknown
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Nelly omg


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anna brought up an amazing point that staying silent/pretending the women’s division is ok is incredibly harmful

The quality of the women’s division is absolute GARBAGE and it’s been this way for far too long. Staying quiet about the shit stories and the 3 minute squash matches HAS to end. It’s so incredibly important to be outspoken about your disdain for women’s wrestling at the hands of the WWE because it is A PROBLEM.

Most importantly though, ITS NOT THE WOMENS FAULT. It’s the booking, its the piss poor writing, it’s the rampant misogyny in the company that needs to be called out. If you can’t criticize the company and the writing without throwing certain performers (eva, cameron, k2, rosa, maryse) under the bus for no reason other than they have “pretty” gimmicks and you don’t like them, then you’re a misogynist and you’re part of the problem.

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The Beast …is back.
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If anyone missed it, this was the speech Oli Sykes made after accepting the award for best album at the Alternative Press Music Awards.

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Oh you got me fucked up. —The assumption that one will willingly accept the shenanigans of another without repercussion or consequence. (via blackproverbs)

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